Project Kommun:E

UAS involved: Technical Universitiy of Applied Science Mittelhessen

In the Kommun:E project (DE), feasible solutions for municipal energy suppliers are being developed, which are in line with increased energy efficiency. The overriding criterion is the secure, low-cost, consumer-friendly, efficient and environmentally compatible grid-bound supply of consumers in accordance with SDG 7 (Affordable & Clean Energy).

The project aims to identify local energy scenarios and to describe suitable infrastructural development paths for the concrete implementation of the municipal energy system transformation. The scientific results obtained and to be published are partly directly transferable to other municipalities and are therefore of overriding interest. In some cases, they also form the basis for individual follow-up studies in other municipal supply areas and thus serve to further exploit the project results by the partners. In this way, not only can misinvestments with long-term effects be avoided, which in turn would cause lasting damage to the business of municipal energy suppliers, but also business areas that will function as the energy transition progresses can be identified and already secured today with suitably planned infrastructure. The research project thus contributes to strengthening municipal energy suppliers as key decentralised players in the energy system transformation process.