Press release – New Chair of UAS4EUROPE: Luciana Vaccaro hands over to Marjolijn Brussaard


Brussels, 08 June 2022 – Since 1 June 2022, Marjolijn Brussaard, Prof. Em. (Vereniging Hogescholen) is new Chairwoman of UAS4EUROPE and forms the network’s Executive Committee together with Dr. Heidi Fagerholm (Arene) until May 2024.

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Press release – University associations join forces to advance European Research Area


Brussels, 24 February 2022 – UAS4EUROPE has teamed up with fellow associations representing the university sector to help advance the renewed European Research Area (ERA). The “ERA University Associations Group” has the objective of presenting the voice of Europe’s universities, in an open and inclusive informal group, in the context of the ERA Forum. 

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UAS4EUROPE signs the Stick to Science initiative


„Put science collaboration before politics“ is the motto of over 300 researchers and associations from across the research and innovation spectrum, which join forces via the #StickToScience initiative in calling the responsible politicians in the EU, Switzerland and the UK for a rapid Horizon Europe association.

According to the signatories „the European research and innovation community is strongest when the best minds from each country are able to freely connect and share their ideas.

The UK and Switzerland have contributed significantly to the budget and bring valuable expertise to thousands of collaborative projects through previous framework programmes. In particular, Switzerland has brought expertise in fields such as health, ecology and climate, and quantum technologies, as the most active associated country. Meanwhile, the UK has been one of the most frequent collaborative partners for many Member States, given the breadth and depth of its research. For instance, 26% of all international papers on COVID-19 have had at least one UK co-author.

Also, successful Europe-wide cooperation in world-leading research infrastructures such as the Institut Laue-Langevin (ILL) in Grenoble, the new European Spallation Source in Lund (ESS), and even CERN, some of which have been in place for decades, show that Europe needs the commitment and scientific contributions of particularly strong research-focused countries such as Switzerland and the UK.“

While the Horizon Europe association of those two countries is currently caught up in broader political issues unrelated to R&I, the signatories call for an open and inclusive Europea Research Area.

Our chairwoman, Luciana Vaccaro, puts it like this: „Today‘s challenges are major and global: we must face them collectively, without stopping at national borders. Europe‘s and the world‘s science has so much to gain from the EU, the UK and Switzerland continuing to work together on science. Our society needs all the competences.“

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Press release – Launch of the UAS4EUROPE Innovation Action Plan


Brussels, 08 October 2021 – UAS4EUROPE, the informal network of European Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS), handed over today the UAS4EUROPE Action Plan for Innovation to EU Commissioner Ms. Mariya Gabriel.

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Press release – UAS4EUROPE Networking Conference: From breakthrough ideas to breakthrough innovation


Brussels – On 11 May 2021, UAS4EUROPE, the informal network of European Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS), held its biennial Networking Conference, this time as a virtual event, with high-level keynote speeches, a political discussion, interactive workshop sessions, face-to-face matchmaking and a virtual exhibition. 

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News – UAS4EUROPE presidents sign joint commitment to the SDGs / Discussions on the “Future of UAS4EUROPE”


UAS4EUROPE, the network of European Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS), jointly commits to strengthening the role and visibility of applied research and innovation in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  The presidents of the memeber organsoations discussed the “Future of UAS4EUROPE”. The next Networking Conference will take place on 11 May 2021.

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News – UAS4EUROPE welcomes new member / Discussion of UAS4EUROPE presidents with Jean-Eric Paquet, Director-General of Research and Innovation at the European Commission


UAS4EUROPE, the network of European Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS), welcomes the Hochschulen für Angewandte Wissenschaften Baden-Württemberg e.V. (HAW BW e.V.; Universities of Applied Sciences Baden-Württemberg, Germany) as a new member. Jean-Eric Paquet, Director-General of Research and Innovation at the European Commission, also attended the last meeting of the presidents of UAS4EUROPE members on 10 November 2020, highlighting the important role of UAS in the European Research Area.

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Press release – UAS4EUROPE welcomes two new members / Hochschule Bayern e.V. takes over the chairmanship


Brussels – UAS4EUROPE, the informal network of European Universities of Applied Sciences, is pleased to announce two new members, the “Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences” (ARENE) and the “University Alliance for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises” (Hochschulallianz für den Mittelstand, HfdM) from Germany. The founding member Hochschule Bayern e.V. took over the chairmanship of UAS4EUROPE as of 1st June 2020.

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UAS4EUROPE supports a new common statement of 15 associations representing more than 800 universities, to remind governments that Europe needs a strong, collective knowledge and skills base to address its current and future challenges. In light of the ongoing negotiations on the European Union’s next seven-year budget the statement reiterates the urgent need to invest in research, innovation and education to foster long-term, sustainable recovery and strategic resilience.

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