UAS4EUROPE gives European universities of applied sciences a voice and represents their interests toward actors at European level, especially toward the European institutions. This comprises – among other activities – contributing to research and innovation policies. Here is an overview of our publications so far:


When: 06/03/2024

Why: Preparation of the successor programme to Horizon Europe (FP10)

What: Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS) have an important role to play in turning knowledge into innovations. With the societal challenges and innovation pillars in Horizon Europe, the Framework Programme has become increasingly attractive to UAS. In order to further develop the programme, we formulate ten specific recommendations for FP10.

UAS4EUROPE - Towards 2028: Shaping the Future of the EU Framework Programme for R&I

When: 29/11/2022

Why: UAS4EUROPE's response to the renewed European Innovation Agenda (EIA)

What: As a response to the Commission's initiative on a renewed European Innovation Agenda (EIA), we have collected evidence on the role of universities of applied sciences as innovation orchestrators. A quantitative part shows the tangible impact of UAS on the innovation activities in their regions, complemented by seven concrete best practices from amongst our membership.

UAS4EUROPE - A UAS'ers guide to building innovation ecosystems

When: 16/05/2022

Why: Council Recommendation on Building Bridges for Effective European Higher Education Cooperation

What: UAS4EUROPE welcomes the Council Recommendation and the European Strategy for Universities and calls for the creation of a European Knowledge Area that covers education, research and innovation.

UAS4EUROPE - Position Paper on the Council Recommendation on Building Bridges for Effective European Higher Education Cooperation

When: 07/06/2021

What: UAS4EUROPE supports the Open Letter of European STI Councils and Advisory Bodies and other Science Organisations on the Participation of Switzerland in Horizon Europe.

Why: Only by working closely with its key partners in research & innovation can the EU deliver on its priorities and meet the global challenges of our time. We therefore join the European research and innovation community in encouraging the European Commission not to delay the full association of Switzerland to Horizon Europe.

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When: 29 April 2021

Why: Initiative by Commissioner Gabriel to establish a European Innovation Area (EIA)

What: In our open letter to Commissioner Gabriel, we support the plan to establish a European single market for innovation. A European Innovation Area is indispensible to complete the knowledge triangle by building bridges between research and innovation, as well as education and innovation. With this letter, we underline that Universities of Applied Sciences as international key players and regionally embedded innovation drivers are indispensible for the success of a European Innovation Area. Furthermore, we offer our support in the preparatory process for the establishment of the EIA.

UAS4EUROPE - Open letter to Commissioner Gabriel on the establishment of a European Innovation Area

When: 30/09/2020

Why: The European Commission’s Communication “A new ERA for Research and Innovation”

What: UAS4EUROPE is convinced that the European Research Area (ERA) of the future should enable the European research community and industry to realize its true potential for excellence and impact for the benefit of all European citizens. In this context, Universities of Applied Sciences are essential partners in creating a renewed, stronger and more efficient ERA.

UAS4EUROPE - Position Paper on the new ERA Communication

When: 25/09/2018

Why: The next EU research and Innovation Programme

What: UAS4EUROPE is convinced that universities of applied sciences will have a strong role to play in the European research and innovation (R&I) landscape. In general terms UAS4EUROPE supports the continuity of the three pillar structure of Horizon Europe, which provides a proper balance between fundamental research, applied sciences and innovation. However, the current proposal of the Horizon Europe programme also raises some issues where improvements should be made.

UAS4EUROPE - Position paper on Horizon Europe

When: 18/09/2017

Why: Preparation of the successor programme to Horizon 2020

What: UAS4EUROPE believes that the universities of applied sciences have an important role to play in FP9. Horizon 2020 is a first and much appreciated step forward to cover the full research and innovation chain in which opportunities are within reach also for UAS. However, we also provide some recommendations for a new programme that will even better integrate UAS.

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When: 10/01/2017

Why: Public consultation in the context of the midterm evaluation process of Horizon 2020

What: This document lays down the views of UAS4EUROPE on the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. It addresses the overall design and structure of Horizon 2020, the funding instruments available and the work programmes, the submission and evaluation of proposals, and also contains an outlook to FP9.

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When: 23/03/2017

Why: Public consultation on smart specialisation

What: Universities of applied sciences are deeply rooted in the regions. UAS4EUROPE believes that smart specialisation as a concept is of great value, since it allows for a better alignment of regional research and innovation activities, bringing regional actors closer together on specific themes, in which the region can build up competitive advantages.

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When: 13/04/2016

Why: Statement on the newly promoted idea of an EIC

What: In June 2015, European Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation Carlos Moedas presented his priorities ‘Open Science, Open Innovation and Open to the World’ and brought forward the idea of a European Innovation Council. This contribution was published to support the Commissioner in setting up an EIC.

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When: 31/05/2016

Why: Launch of UAS4EUROPE

What: In this position paper we argue that Europe as a whole will benefit from realising this potential further and by focusing on the role of UAS as connectors, that is, connectors linking citizens, companies (especially SMEs) and public institutions. This will lead to greater participation and a more active contribution of the UAS to European research and innovation, Horizon 2020 and its successors.

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