UAS involved: Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, the Netherlands

MORE-CONNECT: Development and advanced prefabrication of innovative, multifunc¬tional building envelope elements for MOdular REtrofitting and CONNECTions (Innovation Action; Horizon2020 – Energy efficiency call 2014)

EU member states are required to implement nearly Zero Energy Building (nZEB) retrofitting of houses (EU Directive EPBD1 Recast). The urgency is underlined by the Paris Climate Agreement, last December. In the EU, over 250 million houses have to be retrofitted, and a strong match between what suppliers can offer and what end-users actually need is essential in this context. Unfortunately, the building sector is not yet equipped with the necessary tools and approaches to adequately address this challenge. A series of EU funded projects has been launched to support this, of which MORE-CONNECT was the first.

In 2014, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences teamed up with 17 European partners in the multidisciplinary MORE-CONNECT consortium to develop large-scale prefab renovation solutions towards nZEB, including (production lines for) prefabricated modular renovation elements. Zuyd develops a method to integrate materials impacts into the decision-making process, based on a redefined target: zero-energy retrofits, to be incorporated by all partners. Zuyd helps select and develop the necessary components, such as modular elements for facades/roofs and smart connectors. Zuyd also plays a role in categorizing and selecting buildings for demonstration purposes, and in developing a platform for modular concepts.

1 Energy Performance of Buildings Recast