UAS involved: FH OÖ University of Applied Sciences, Upper Austria


Coordinated by a company, FH OÖ (University of Applied Sciences Upper Austria) participates the PROMINENT project, funded by Horizon 2020. PROMINENT will address the key needs for technological development, as well as the barriers to innovation and greening in the European inland navigation sector. PROMINENT is ultimately aimed at providing solutions which make inland navigation as competitive as road transport in terms of air pollutant emissions by 2020 and beyond. In parallel PROMINENT aims to further decrease the energy consumption and carbon footprint of Inland Waterway Transport (IWT), an area where IWT has already a strong advantage compared to road transport. PROMINENT focuses on:

  • Massive transition towards efficient and clean vessels;
  • Certification and monitoring of emission performance and development of innovative regimes;
  • Harmonisation and modernisation of professional qualifications and the stimulation of the further integration of IWT into sustainable transport chains.