Future Code Bayern: UAS response to the Bavarian Hightech Agenda


Future Code Bayern can be considered as the response of the Bavarian UAS to the Bavarian Hightech Agenda launch in 2019. Future Code Bayern is a virtual platform, where applied science researchers can present their research and collaborations related to the digital transformation, demographic and climate change. Their projects are clustered in nine topics:

  • Robotics (B.ROB)
  • AI mobility applications (B.MOTION)
  • Livelihoods, resources, environment (B.LIFE)
  • Cybersecurity (B.SECURE)
  • Healthcare (B.CARE)
  • Knowledge transfer (B.TRANSFER)
  • Digital transformation, demographic change, ecological systems intelligence (B.TOP)
  • Digital literacy (B.LAB)
  • Openness to regional, urban environments and international partners (B.OPEN)

In each of these topics, the UAS’ strenghts as application pioneers, collaboration partners for industries and international research partners and as the driving force behind market-relevant AI mobility applications and high-tech innovation leaps are highlighted and incorporated.