Our Mission

UAS4EUROPE aims to strengthen the voice of universities of applied sciences (UAS) in Europe in the field of applied research and innovation. It is both a networking platform for exchanging knowledge and for reaching out to European institutions and other European stakeholders to ensure a better integration and visibility of UAS in Europe’s research-and innovation policies and programmes.

The goal is to provide a common voice and to create visibility for UAS at European level and to strengthen the involvement of UAS in European policies and programmes. We further aim to highlight the particular roles of UAS and their value in Europe:

1. as smart regional connectors
2. as international key players
3. as competent project partners and project leaders for European programmes
4. as consulting bodies on research and innovation
5. as contributors to European entrepreneurship

Through these roles, UAS4EUROPE stresses the importance of the correlation between high-quality education and applied research. In practice, UAS4EUROPE focuses on the following activities

      1. Drafting position papers
      2. Congregating in working groups
      3. Contributing to calls and consultations
      4. Organising conferences
      5. Participating in conferences and high level events on behalf of the joint initiative

One major challenge of EU research and innovation programmes has been to increase their impact on society. The vital role of UAS as a transmission mechanism connecting knowledge creation to citizens, small and medium-sized companies as well as public institutions in their region has not been fully realized. Europe as a whole will benefit from more actively capitalizing on the role of UAS as connectors linking citizens, companies (especially SMEs) and public institutions.