UAS4EUROPE Strategy 2023-26

UAS4EUROPE Strategy 2023-26

On 23 May 2023, we published our new Strategy 2023-26. Covering our Dutch and Finnish presidencies, this strategy is centred around the motto “Empowering Europe to rise to global challenges”.

As a guiding document for our work over the next years and after intense discussions with our members, we identified the following four main strands of activities:

  • The implementation of the European Research Area (ERA) and European Education Area (EEA);
  • Innovation & entrepreneurship, i.e. the implementation of the New European Innovation Agenda (NEIA) and increased UAS participation in pillar 3 of Horizon Europe;
  • Transnational cooperation, i.e. the European Strategy for Universities and university alliances; and
  • Inter-institutional engagement.

With the upcoming European elections, an expected high turnover of Members of European Parliament and a new Commission, a lot of work is to be done in ensuring that Horizon Europe’s successor (FP10) lives up to the expectations of the research community. Through the lense of the Strategy 2023-26, we aim to be a constructive stakeholder in these decisive years for European R&I.

“With the professionalisation of the network, new challenges and opportunities are arising that we will address through our new Strategy 2023-26”, say our Chairs Marjolijn Brussaard, Prof. Em. (Vereniging Hogescholen) and Dr. Heidi Fagerholm (ARENE).

Read our Strategy 2023-26 document