Globalisation Engagement Strategy 2030 for Higher Education


UAS involed: VIVES University of Applied Sciences 

VIVES University of Applied Sciences (BE) designed a holistic framework on global engagement, bringing together the inclusive, international and sustainability agendas. This aims to encourage the discussion within HEIs on how to implement the Sustainable Development Goals in the institution’s internationalisation strategy.

The framework is based on the five pillars of sustainable development. In the People section the focus is mainly on the acquisition of competences for sustainable development and international competencies. The Planet section centres on striving to make ecologically responsible choices. Regarding Prosperity, the emphasis is on globally relevant research projects that are innovative, interdisciplinary and have a positive impact on society. The Peace section deals with an institution’s role as an advocate for peace, social and ecological justice and the use of non-stereotypical language and images. The Partnership component specifically focuses on a high quality and sustainable partner policy. Strategic goals and specific actions are linked to these different pillars within the framework.

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