UAS4EUROPE on the Horizon of Europe!

In general terms UAS4EUROPE welcomes the proposal for the new framework programme Horizon Europe by the European Commission. However, for Horizon Europe (2021-2027) to become truly impactful and ensure its results are felt far and wide across the continent, there is a need to attract dynamic players from the whole innovation value chain. This necessitates the inclusion of experts from e.g. SME’s / startups and researchers from Universities of Applied Sciences into the programme. Therefore, on 25th of Sept. at the ‘Croissant-event UAS on the Horizon of Europe’, UAS4EUROPE-representative Henrik Wolff presented some concrete recommendations to the European Parliament and Commission to help Horizon Europe achieve its ambitions. The event was hosted by UAS4EUROPE at the Permanent Representation of the Netherlands to the EU, and was attended by various representatives of the European Commission, European Parliament and several members from UAS from all over Europe. Read the full report here.

Some recommendations of UAS4EUROPE to the current proposal of Horizon Europe that were presented at the croissant-event:

·        Increase of the budget to at least € 120 billion;

·        To reach the goals as stated under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions (MSCA) the European Commission should support a better             inclusion of applied researchers;

·        Establish better indicators to measure social impact of research-projects and take a better look at the incremental part of the                     innovation value-chain; make extra investment in incremental research (800 billion) as suggested by the EP;

·        Support transdisciplinary research through funding of small-scale transdisciplinary projects;

·        Include representatives, researchers and /or experts from UAS in Mission boards.

Read the full paper here. For more photos of the Croissant Event click here.

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