UAS4EUROPE welcomes two new members / Hochschule Bayern e.V. takes over the chairmanship

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22 July 2020

Brussels – UAS4EUROPE, the informal network of European Universities of Applied Sciences, is pleased to announce two new members, the “Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences” (ARENE) and the “University Alliance for Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises” (Hochschulallianz für den Mittelstand, HfdM) from Germany. The founding member Hochschule Bayern e.V. took over the chairmanship of UAS4EUROPE as of 1st June 2020.

UAS4EUROPE is delighted to have two very active and innovative members on board, ARENE and the University Alliance for SMEs, in order to provide together an even more visible European platform for Universities of Applied Sciences (UAS). ARENE represents 24 UASs in Finland with the mission to support applied research, development, innovation and artistic activities, but also to promote industry and business in regional development. The University Alliance for SMEs represents twelve individual universities located throughout Germany. Like UAS4EUROPE, the University Alliance for SMEs is committed to cooperation in research and development and to supporting innovation and growth of small and medium-sized enterprises.

“We warmly welcome our new members as this will greatly strengthen the network: We rely on the active participation of all partners and each of us can use our specific contacts, national liaison offices and representations at European level for matters of common interest.”, said Prof. Dr. Christiane Fritze, President of Hochschule Bayern e.V. and acting chairperson of UAS4EUROPE.

Since it was founded almost five years ago, the UAS4EUROPE network has developed an important platform for European universities of applied sciences. Hochschule Bayern e.V. has set itself ambitious goals for the period of its chairmanship until mid of 2021: the inclusion of additional members, closer cooperation with other institutions and the organisation of a high-level network conference in spring 2021. Position papers or statements on the European Research Area (ERA), the topic “Innovative Ecosystems” and the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations (SDGs) are also planned. In implementing these activities, Hochschule Bayern e.V. is supported by the Bavarian Research Alliance (BayFOR).


UAS4EUROPE is a joint initiative of swissuniversities, Hochschule Bayern e.V., EURASHE, University Colleges Denmark, Netherlands Association of Universities of Applied Sciences, Finnish Universities of Applied Sciences (ARENE), University Alliance for SMEs and the Austrian Conference of Universities of Applied Sciences. The initiative is committed to a strong position and increased visibility of Universities of Applied Sciences in the European research environment. UAS4EUROPE represents 2.2 million students, over 450 universities and more than 55,000 researchers.

More information about the activities of UAS4EUROPE are available on our website: and on our twitter account: UAS4EUROPE (@UAS4EUROPE).

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