The UAS4EUROPE is a networking platform founded by EURASHE, UASnet, Hochschule Bayern e.V., swissuniversities, and the Österreichische Fachhochschul-Konferenz (FHK) to promote the voice of the universities of applied sciences (UAS) in Europe for applied research and innovation. UAS4EUROPE has a representative role to reach out to the European institutions and European stakeholder organisations. The goal is to increase visibility, to have a common voice for UAS at European level for the universities of applied sciences, and to strengthen the involvement of UAS in European knowledge programmes and policies. 

UAS4EUROPE undertakes several joint activities to strengthen the role and the involvement of UAS in European knowledge programmes and policies. It sets up actions for cooperation, joint activities to promote applied research and innovation, policy action and advice. It contributes to the shaping of the future of European research and innovation policy and programmes. The activities can include e.g. following joint activities:
a.Drafting position papers
b.Contributing to calls and consultations
c.Organising conferences 
d.Participating in a conference as speaker, panel member and/or keynote on behalf of the joint initiative

As a networking platform, UAS4EUROPE is built on the collaboration of the five founding organisations mentioned above on a voluntary basis. 


UAS4EUROPE welcomes support from other UAS associations and UAS. UAS4EUROPE first and foremost is open to organisations that represent multiple UAS.
However, if an individual UAS is interested to support UAS4EUROPE and is not represented by a (council) organisation, UAS4EUROPE will treat those requests on a case-by-case basis.
The supporter status is free of charge and includes the following participation possibilities and benefits:
  • Contributing to activities a. to c. mentioned above
  • Visibility on the UAS4EUROPE website
  • Contributing to success stories for the UAS4EUROPE website and publications
  • Receiving invitations to UAS4EUROPE events in advance
To get the supporter status, please send an e-mail to This status can be cancelled at any time with one month’s notice by the supporter as well as by UAS4EUROPE.
The status as supporter involves the right to use the UAS4EUROPE logo. The logo must always be accompanied by the following text: "Supporter of UAS4EUROPE”